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Magendo directory structure

Magendo directory structure

Can anyone explain me why Magento 2 have different directory structure when i download from the magento's page and when i installed it using git.

Can anyone explain me why i never found routes like:

Magento\Framework\EntityManager (is the Framework directory that causes me problems of localization)


When i tried to do the excercises or read documentation it seems like all the people have another installation.


Thanks for any help


Re: Magendo directory structure

On my installation from, the files you're looking for are under /vendor/magento.


So for the framework, simply go to /vendor/magento/framework .


Good luck.

Re: Magendo directory structure

Hi @Muribury


You should be able to find is under following path vendor\magento\framework\EntityManager 

All your /app/code (Shown on github repository) files are in /vendor folder.

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Re: Magendo directory structure

Yes, thank you, but not always is "so easy", i always find code that have a path that i don't find, and i don't know it's why i don't put a shop in production for a while so Magento2 can generate de directories or simply there're more than two possible ways of installing it, with their own directory structure.

Re: Magendo directory structure

I completely understand.  I'm new to Magento, and it's very difficult to follow tutorials and I'm still trying to figure everything out.  Many don't work because they're outdated.


For your problem, which I also had, the main thing to remember is all the CORE files are under /vendor/magento.  Ignore tutorials that tell you to look under app/... for core files, they're not there when you install from


YOUR main files will be under app/design/frontend/YourName/YourProjectName/ .  This is where you copy the core files to when you to want to make changes.  


For example, if you want to change the catalog page, go to /vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/frontend folder.  Copy the layout and template folders to   app/design/frontend/YourName/YourProjectName/Magento_Catalog.  You can then change the files, and they'll override the core files.


The more you work with it, the more it makes sense, but it takes a while to figure it all out.