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Magento 2.3 New MSI Dropshipping Question

Magento 2.3 New MSI Dropshipping Question

I am pleased to see Magento 2.3 has included the MSI feature which would be very useful for us as we dropship all products. We have about 5k products which are split from 3 different suppliers, roughly 80% of these products are the same so each supplier sell the same type of products (MPN). My question is does this new MSI feature mean it'll hide these "duplicated" products and only show one, i.e. the cheapest one out of them all?


Re: Magento 2.3 New MSI Dropshipping Question

Using MSI, You can set your stock warehouse/channel from a different region. Using MSI, You can't able to hide products of supplier. You can just set different stock for a different warehouse.


In MSI, Your product doesn't hide or don't show any cheapest price product. Your concept seems to vendor management.


You can check more details from here,


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