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Magento 2: Adjust price calculation

Magento 2: Adjust price calculation

I need to implement customer-specific prices. Each customer has a specific discount on base price of certain product categories.

Customer 1: 25% discount on category A, 30% discount on category B

Customer 2: 40% discount on category A, 50% discount on category B

When customers are logged in I want to display the discounted price and also use this price the subsequent order process.

I know I have to write an extention. But I don't know which classes or methods I have to adjust via the plugin. How can I establish the aforementioned logic?


Re: Magento 2: Adjust price calculation

How many customers are you managing? Could you create numerous customer groups and put a single customer in each one. The customer group can then be used as a condition of catalog prices rules. I would imagine you'd need to create a different rule for each discount amount and then set the categories that that customer should receive that discount. 

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