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Magento 2 Draft Orders

Magento 2 Draft Orders

Is there a way I can create draft orders

1) Admin will create the order
2) Add the products
3) Add the billing/shipping info
4) Create the order
5) Customer gets notify via email
6) Customer login and pay for the order?


Re: Magento 2 Draft Orders

I just recently started working for a company that sells products through a Magento-based web store. I'm managing their internal ERP system (Netsuite) which connects with Magento using a third-party connector and shares data about orders and customers. The connector is advertised to support syncing products as well, but we've never been able to make use of this feature due to category/attribute limitations within Magento. So when I get a price list from a manufacturer, I load that list into Netsuite. It's basically the part number, the description, and the cost. I send that list of to another team that goes into Magento and creates products from each of the parts on the list. We have many categories and each category has it's own attribute set consisting of anywhere from 10 - 200 attributes. The product team does research against the part list to populate each of the required attributes, and once done they load them into the web store. A breakdown happens because the team occasionally will take liberties when it comes to naming conventions. If a single character is entered incorrectly, our connector will not be able to locate the part in Netsuite and it causes Kodi nox  the order to break and go unfulfilled.

Re: Magento 2 Draft Orders

For your requirement you can do the following things, so you can achieve that one.

1. Use Magento Default Order Process like Select Customer, Added Product To Cart, Select Billing and Shipping Information. (This is already added product to customer cart).

2. Now Create Custom Button, by clicking then it will send email to customer, into that customer able to see the product and all from the cart.

3. Now on same email you can place "Checkout" Button at the last.

4. Now from that button, put the custom URL link and pass the cart id, so one's customer click from the email, your custom URL call where you get cart information and you can restore that cart programetically and redirect customer to cart page.

5. Now Customer can pay same like default checkout steps.

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