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Magento 2 EE catching tool

Magento 2 EE catching tool

We're currently trying to work around a "catching tool" for magento 2. Here is what I'm talking about :
- We've established a list of scenarii, like :
-- A customer is inactive on a page for more than 60 seconds ;
-- A page is displaying an error message to a customer ;
-- A customer approaches its mouses cursor next to a place he can close its browsers window ;
-- Etc.
- When one of the scenarii of the list is accomplished, M2 launches a popin asking the visitor "do you need some help ?"

Hoping what i'm telling to you is clear enough on your side, I'm now wanting you to share some docs ive found over the devdoc database :
I imagine that overriding event observer classes can be usefull in what we want to do. Is this the case ? Have you more doc, opportunities or modules to share with me ?

See you ,



Re: Magento 2 EE catching tool

Hello @garrettdal 


I am not sure the complete solution if there is any in even Magento commerce edition, but may be i found one mageplaza free exit popup extension related to your requirements,

See if you can make it work around using it,


Or if i dont understood your requirements, request you to explain.

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Re: Magento 2 EE catching tool

Hi GauravMageComp,

It seems to be an option. Thank you for sharing this !

Re: Magento 2 EE catching tool


After talking with the addon developper, it seems that the previously quoted module didn't allow to manage several popups. Only one scenario is possible.

In my needs I want to manage diffrents scenarii : did somebody got a solution for that ?

Re: Magento 2 EE catching tool

hi, try a word decoding tool that helps users play word games or solve anagrams