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Magento 2 PreOrder with Paypal

Magento 2 PreOrder with Paypal

Dear Friends,


Business Logic: For Product A which has quantity 50, 100 customers pre-ordered via Paypal. All payments done by Paypal initially will be On Hold as it's Pre-Order.


Requirement: From Paypal we have to select Random 50 users (as we have 50 product qty.).

When we have the Product in Stock/Inventoy, we have "Cancel" or "On Hold" payment for other 50 users.


I have looked in to this extension


So in cart if i have more than 2 products, then on checkout page it should process payment Product wise, because if customer is not selected for that pre-order product then we have to refund him.


Can anybody have better inputs on this, because i'm more concerned about Paypal or any other alternate solution.