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Magento 2 Product Review

Magento 2 Product Review

I am new to magento2, i want to create my custom product reviews extension by using the default layout and functionalities of Magento2 built-in product review extension.

I am thinking of creating clone of Magento_Review buit-in extension as my custom productreview extension.

Is this the correct way?


Re: Magento 2 Product Review

If you're not going to need the original review module and it's close to what you would need, I would keep that one there. Then create a new module Your_Reviews that's dependent on the Mage_Reviews modules and it then modifies the functionality that you don't want. 


This can be achieved by injecting your own dependencies in place of core one: or using plugins or using event observers

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Re: Magento 2 Product Review

If you want to create your custom module based on Default review module,

You just set dependency to core Magento _Review module in your modules module.xml file.

Base on your requirement you can override, made plugin or use event management from default review module which files you actually need.

Its a generic method to customize or modify default module.
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