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Magento 2 headless approach


Magento 2 headless approach

Dear hivemind,


What'd you say about building website backend based on Magento 2 but build front end separately, connecting it to backend using Magento APIs?


The idea is to have a flexible for A/B testing and really quick changes front of the eshop. Since adjusting templates is rather time consuming, both from perspective of adjusting and finding a route among all the template's children as well as applying changes takes about ~15 secs of waiting to see if they're in place.


So backend based on Magento, front end - separate HTML connected with back end using APIs. Good? Bad? Why?


Thanks in advance!

(Or just point my ignorant nose to the question if it was discussed here before please - didn't find it yet).


Re: Magento 2 headless approach

I think it's a good idea and it's generally the direction that magento are going in as well. Here are a couple of relevant blog posts on the subject from the dev blog:


There are APIs around now but they're not necessarily optimised for going fully headless. 

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Re: Magento 2 headless approach

Sure! This is an awesome idea Smiley Happy

We pursuit it while developing VueStorefront