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Magento 2 promo landing page

Magento 2 promo landing page



I'm troaing to find a good solutin to integrate hte promo landing page i get from the manufacture of products. Thei alweis send me a html fils and css+img folders, and i whas lucking for a wei to render the heder and the forter in theat html file and put it on the ftp linking it to the slider.

But i dont undestend how to get the header block and the foother block of my them to show up.


Can anibody guide me ?


Re: Magento 2 promo landing page

HI @adrian_alin,


I'm not sure if you will be able to solve your problem in that way.

You should try to find the way to extract the data from those html files and use it into Magento. You won't be able to copy and paste the html inside the Magento layouts without having some troubles.

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