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Magento 2 "devbox": Is it waist of time! Please help!!!!


Magento 2 "devbox": Is it waist of time! Please help!!!!

I have installed the Magento 2 devbox in my Sierra OSX machine. The Magento 2 website came up when I entered the url from Terminal after installation had been completed. My problem is that after rebooting the machine I can not access to the Magento 2 store-front again. I wrote down the url that was shown after installation. Strange thing is, that I can run unit tests and other command line commands. 



I have read all the documentation about devbox in Magento documentation page!

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Re: Magento 2 "devbox": Is it waist of time! Please help!!!!

This forum is so great - you only answer your questions yourself. So my experiences with devbox maybe they would save some time of other users.

1. In case when ports are not set fixed before running installation script (Magento2 documentation). You have to run 

./ at every restart. Otherwise the page has no images and Chrome Inspect shows that css files are not loaded - that should be nice addition to documentation (what happens when ports are switched, what problem file solves ). magento sudo:upgrade is not helping in that case and other solution in web only confuses.

2. Some how hangs after

Warning: Permanently added 'url' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.

running the command from Terminal I removed -N and all was fine.

3. In mac .composer/auth.json  file must have writing permissions otherwise error shows, when running