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Magento 2 quote functionality

Magento 2 quote functionality

I am still new to Magento 2. I wanted to add  Save as quote functionality to default Magento 2. Need a button to show up on the cart page and then as soon as i click the button , it should spit out a PDF file (quote) for the same.


Here are my thoughts based on what i have read about pluggins and new module. Need someone to validate my approach.


1.  Create a button on the "View" of cart module using pluggin functionality. Primarily, inject the Button in the view of existing cart module.

2. Create a new module for quote - controller, Model and view to spit out a PDF/document as a quote.


Can someone confirm the approach ?


Re: Magento 2 quote functionality

There is some extension who did this feature :


Quote extention