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Magento External CMS (Cloud Based preferably)

Magento External CMS (Cloud Based preferably)

Hi All,


we have an Ecommerce solution on Magento 2. Now the requirement is to have CMS contents updated regularly however the network infrastructure that we have restricts people to get into the production environment. The best viable option is to use a cloud based CMS that the Marketing can access and modify. Can someone please suggest if the default Luma theme can be customized to access content from outside like a cloud based CMS. If the coud API returns a JSON can it be straight integrated into the theme ?.


Another Approach i have is to go headless and build everything from scratch using a cloud CMS. Please let me know your thoughts on same.


I am trying to find the best long term solution. Any help is appreciated




Re: Magento External CMS (Cloud Based preferably)

Hi @aravindpillai,


I know this won't be the final answer you're looking for but maybe you can try tro explore Magento Page Builder (to be released soon) and also using the Staging feature of Magento Commerce, you should be able to get a great tool to handle CMS content.



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