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Magento REST request Postman setup

Magento REST request Postman setup



I want to create product attributes and attribute sets automatically, because I have many of them. I decided to use the REST API from Magento (v2.4), because it seems quite powerful and when I have learned how to use it, I could automate more stuff.


Unfortunately, I am getting stuck at the very beginning. I am trying to setup Postman to test some simple (standard) REST requests.


I was able to generate a token using the following Postman config:

Headers: "content-type": "application/json"
    "username": "user",
    "password": "pass"


Now I obtained the token, but every following request gets a 400 Bad request response.


Sample request:

Authorization: Bearer: "hl0xddpqfkno8uheyj7pnja8h2upok59"
Headers: "content-type": "application/json"

Response body:

    "message": "Specified request cannot be processed."

I also don't know where to look for the cause of the problem.