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Magento or wordpress as CMS

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

@grandtyresAU wrote:


As our business requirement blog is very important on our store ,

running Magento 2 at the moment

which below option is best strategy and better SEO and performance ?

1- Wordpress as CMS , homepage , blog and use Magento as store only

2- Whole website Magento

3- Just use wordpress as blog and Magento on store

4- any other idea?



I always like Wordpress as it is more reliable an best CMS. I install my SMM Panel website on it. 

Re: Magento or wordpress as CMS

@Swissuplabscom wrote:



it really depends on your needs and resources you have. 


From our experience it's almost not possible to find good Magento blog module. So in case you want to make everything simple and easy to maintain then it's better to go with a mix of  #2 and #3. You can use Fishpig integration module in order to integrate Wordpress blog into Magento. That will allow you to use 90% of Wordpress features in Magento blog. You will also use Wordress admin for blog managment. 


In case you have enough resources for your project then i would go with #1. That will reduce resource usage on blog pages and will allow you to use all Wordpress flexibility. 

If i want to use Wordpress as a CMS then can i work on mobile niche like giving mobile likes of different brand samsung, vivo etc. All through automation? Is it possible in Magento?