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Magento running slow on Mac

Magento running slow on Mac

I have an iMac with 32gb ram, and an ssd.


I'm not running any virtual software, just apache and mysql installed with homebrew.


Any idea why my pages take over 3 minutes to load? Sometimes admin takes over 10 minutes to refresh a page


Ram is set in php.ini and .htaccess to use 8gb, and according to activity monitor, httpd use is through the roof. Anything that I can do to make things work in a more manageable way? Thanks


Re: Magento running slow on Mac

MacOs filesystem is very slow, and Magento is extremely stupid on file generation/writting.

The less worse solution is to use Docker and sync only the files you need (don't sync pub and generated folders).

When you copy Magento files into Docker container using Linux, the things get better.

And don't forget to disable xdebug. Enabling opcache also will speed up things a lot.


PS: Note that I'm already using Docker with mac, and I came here trying to find an even better solution. Maybe using linux is the only solution, hehe.

Ricardo Martins -