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Manuals, make it simple, make it straight, step by step

Manuals, make it simple, make it straight, step by step

Sorry guys, but I'm completely lost, despite the fact of about 18 years in programming...


I defined my store at:


I need only and simple three (3) things to get started, not one million pages of manuals and endless forum pages and discussions. 


1. What is base path for REST request? or or or something else? You missed the very main point guys, where I can find that info? I'm not linux/windows web server administrator!


2. I got and created consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret. So what about authentication in couple of simple words? If you want to connect, do that, and that and that... Simple five steps. What about oauth/initiate etc?


3. Finally, I need working POSTMAN collection (authenticate, requests of services 1, 2, 3, 4...N). You eally don't need PHP, C++, Java, Swift, Objective C, Ruby...examples etc. If people can make it work in POSTMAN, they can make it work also on microwave oven, basic or even fortran.


So, bring this three things on first page of your support and you will got solved 80% of beginners troubles. This is an outside of the box view, so please take it into account.


Thanks in advance.