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Menu with hidden subcategory links

Menu with hidden subcategory links

Menu with hidden subcategory links:

Hello everyone,

we have a relatively large online shop with many subcategories.In order to reduce the number of links per page (currently around 500) and only display the relevant links of the respective subcategories, we are looking for a menu or a way to hide the subcategories in the menu (not visible in the source code) and only make them visible or clickable when clicking on the higher-level category.

Does anyone here have an idea or know of a specific menu that can do this?

We would be very grateful for any help.



Re: Menu with hidden subcategory links

Magento already supports this function. If your site is down I think the category structure you created in the backend is incorrect.
Your category structure inside the Magento CMS needs to have all nav item categories coming from the root category. You may need to drag and drop them into the root category.
Or the 2nd reason that can cause this problem is your custom theme.

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Re: Menu with hidden subcategory links

Hello @mailtoalek1618 

Magento Already Follow the structured Category Representation on can see this screenshot

Thanks, Regards
Har**bleep** Yadav