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Multi Store Setup


Multi Store Setup



Is there any limitation on setting up Multi Store Platform.


Suppose, we need to setup 700+ stores.





Re: Multi Store Setup

@avinash_jain1There is none. However, if you are trying to achieve the same on Open source version of Magento then you can face performance challenges. You have to consider bunch of other things like how big is your catalog, do you have enough infrastructure in place to support your Magento etc.


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Re: Multi Store Setup



There is no such limitation with Magento 2.


If you are using a lot of stores then a lot of issue coming like memory limit issue so you need to use a very good server


also, there is one issue indexer is very slow if you have a large amount of data.


I don't think even varnish server can handle such a huge amount caching


so keeping mind if your store more then 15 then very complex to manage it


Hope it will help you



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Sunil Patel
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