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Multiple Suppliers Import & Pricing Question

Multiple Suppliers Import & Pricing Question

Hi there,


I've just setup my Magento website, a basic theme at the moment but I have a question regarding importing data and pricing from 3 suppliers. Each supplier has a relatively good service that allows me to part customize their feeds to export into Magento but where I'm hitting a problem is thinking about pricing, naturally between the 3 suppliers they'll have around 75% of the same stock, how is it i can get Magento to choose the lowest price to display of the same product? 


Finally, all feeds coming from the suppliers are cost price then as they come into Magento tax is added, is there a module that'll allow me to add profit margins and any other rules to the costs before they're shown live on the frontend? 


Many thanks for your help and time. 


Re: Multiple Suppliers Import & Pricing Question

You can give a try to Store Manager module (free 2 weeks version). It allows to add profit margins right during import (percentage or value) and also using it imports can be setup in the way, that the lowest supplier price will be added (for price it is possible to add the rule to update only it if price value in CSV is smaller).