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Multiple prices for product by store

Multiple prices for product by store



We are working on an new Magento 2 website for our client.The site have to language (French and english). Here's my problem : 


The client have more than 300 physical store with different prices for each store. What are the solutions for the pricing ?


1, Each physical store with one website and 2 store view (french and english)

2. Using customer group

3. Rewriting how prices is set in Magento

4. Another Solution ?


Thanks for your help



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Re: Multiple prices for product by store

Hi @Stephane D,

Given the number of different prices, I recommend you to analyze integrating an API for your store.

Now, there are 2 alternatives there:

  • Getting the price on-the-fly in the product page through an API call
  • Run a cron job every X hours to update your database and retrieve the custom pricing from there


Best regards.

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Re: Multiple prices for product by store

Hi @Gabriel Guarino,


Thanks for your reply. your answer help us a lot in our analysis to find a solution to our problem.


Stephane Desmarquest