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Online Buy / In-store purchase option

Online Buy / In-store purchase option



I am new to magento. I've been experimenting and up to now I really like it.


Basically, I have two types of products... the ones that I am selling and I want them to be available to buy online (with shipping provided) and then I have products which I need to make them available to buy them from our local shop, so on the website you can see the specs and functions, but you cannot buy them online, you need to come physically to the shop and buy them.


I don't know if this is possible or not, I am just asking, since I could not find anything and wasn't sure how to search this query. so if there is anyone that can help me with this I really appreciate it. 



Re: Online Buy / In-store purchase option


If I understand you correctly, you can place the products that are only available offline on a CMS page. But it will look like a text page rather than a product one. Whether this variant is suitable or not depends on some other features (e.g., do you need an offline product to be configurable; or do you need to place it a category with online items, etc.)

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Re: Online Buy / In-store purchase option


my idea is that the product will still show like a product, but instead the button "Add to Cart" there will be a button "Available from Shop" which will open to the contact form.


I was thinking on something like a new field in the database which will be Online Sale? yes/no. if it is yes it will display the add to cart, if no it will display available from shop.


But I don't know if I can do this and if I can also edit the backend add new product to enter the function?


Also what would be the best way to edit the frontend and backend without effecting future upgrades of magento?