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Possible to sell digital product and auto e-mail it after purchase to customer?

Possible to sell digital product and auto e-mail it after purchase to customer?

Hello forum,

I am absolutely new to the term of online shopping software and while doing my first googling steps, I found Magento pretty intuitive and straight forward. But since I have some special requirements and not too much experience on shopping software, I hope to find some help and clearence here. Also I hope to open that threat in the correct subforum.


So for my current project I am looking for a shop software, which lets me sell no physical products, but sets of data. Magento is now my first stop while looking for an appropriate ecommerce software.

I have written myself a software in node.js, which accumulates worthy data for crypto trading. While in the first place that software was for my private use, I realized that the data might be worth some bugs and so I am on the lookout for an online shop software, which fulfills my needs. Maybe you can tell me, if Magento is able to do that? Maybe with some extensions?


My main requirements are:

  1. After purchase and the received payment, the purchased set of data should me e-mailed directly to the customer AND/OR he should gain access in his account to that set of data.
  2. Since I guess to include Paypal as a payment service won't be a hassle, I am wondering if there are possibilities to accept BTC/LTC/ETH with Magento, as well? maybe through some extensions?
  3. In the best case I can remotely feed the product database (the products I sell) with my node app or some sql commands or may upload a .csv file.

In the end I would want the customer to see a frontend item, let's say a screenshot of the respective chart and maybe the estimated profit (what was possible in thast certain period of time with that data I am selling).


If someone would give me some answers or, if Magento is not the right tool for me, maybe give me some hint, where to go on looking?


Thank you very much and best regard