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Price not getting set

Price not getting set

I am using the products REST api (rest/V1/products) to create a new product in my catalog.


I am specifying the price as per the sample request below:


{"product":{"attributeSetId":4,"extensionAttributes":{"stockItem":{"isInStock":true,"qty":10}},"name":"Air filter - FIAT - Uno Turbo","price":50,"sku":"A0000201"}}


However, the price is not set in Magento when I view the product that gets created.


If I make the same request again, then the price does get set.  Is it not possible to set the price for newly created products?




Re: Price not getting set

The prices on the frontend are updated only after refreshing the cache and reindexing.

Re: Price not getting set

The problem is in the back end as well as the front end, caching is not the issue, the price is not actually getting set in the database.