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Problem with MercadoPago payment method

Problem with MercadoPago payment method


Dear Friends,

I have a shop in magento 2.2.2 to which I installed mercadopago and I have a problem:

1. A user enters the website, logs as a registered user, then chooses a product to buy, checks out, chooses as a payment method MercadoPagos, then is redirected to the payment gateway to choose whether to pay in cash, with debit or credit. Choose any means of payment, confirm the purchase and market Payment confirms the payment and invites you (with a button at the bottom of the screen) to return to my store .. Once you return to the store Magento informs that the order has been completed and shows the number of it with the "continue buying" button.
Now I go to the user's menu, I choose to see the maked orders, and the order does not appear ..
However, as an administrator, from the panel I go to SALES -> ORDERS and there if the generated order appears and apparently assigned to the user .. but there is no case, the user from the front in his menu does not see it ...

What could be happening?