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Product attachments

Product attachments


I'm new Magento developer, i want to know how to attach a pdf file to my products , i used attributes but there is no downloadable field only text inputs.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Product attachments

Hello @farisshindsite

You can try this Product Attachments extension -

It will let you add downloadable PDF files to products pages (as well as other file types if needed)

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Re: Product attachments


Checkout our Magento Product attachment extension that allows merchants to add multiple file on product pages as well as created a separate file download page. Other features includes,


  • Supports multiple file formats such as PDF, JPG, .DOC, XLXS, MP4 etc
  • Attachment can be a video
  • Restrict file download permission by customer groups
  • Display attract file icons
  • Show file download counter

You can also download this extension from marketplace -

Re: Product attachments

Hello farisshindsite,


you can use an extension to do that. The one I've personally used is Magento 2 Product Attachment Extension by Itoris.