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Product gallery click to load simple product url

Product gallery click to load simple product url



I am looking for a way to load simple product page from configurable product page gallery.


This is the flow I am thinking:


1. User opens a configurable product page

2. User clicks swatch and a 3-column gallery is displayed underneath the base image of the configurable product (as per default, but with a grid layout)

3. User clicks one of the images in the product gallery 

4. The image loads a simple product page, instead of just exchanging the product image in the configurable product.


I am thinking that a custom product relation could be created for the related products to be displayed in the gallery for the configurable product. Products uploaded in the product relation will then exchange the existing gallery's product images. The swatch functionality in the configurable product will need to be kept though. 


Is this possible, and how to do it in practice? Is there anyone that has any experience or solution to this feature?


Looking forward to any input,