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Products disappear from the Category list view.

Products disappear from the Category list view.

Products disappear from the Category list view. However, they are still in the backend, and if I go back in and open one and save it again, they reappear (until the next day when they disappear). I've given them a source and a stock amount (even though I ideally don't want to manage the stock as the items are made to order, so the supply is limitless.). What do I need to do to make sure they are always visible?


Re: Products disappear from the Category list view.

Hello @galyakoval1e78 


You can try to check below things


  1. In the Magento Admin, go to System > Tools > Cron Scheduler. Look for any cron jobs related to product visibility or indexing. Ensure that the cron jobs are running as expected and not encountering any errors or delays.

  2. In the Magento Admin, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > Cron (Scheduled Tasks). Check the cron settings, including the frequency and commands used for running the cron jobs. Ensure they are properly configured.

  3. Run the cron jobs manually from the command line to see if they execute successfully and update the product visibility. This can help identify any errors or delays that might be occurring during the automated execution.

  4. Verify that your server is properly configured to execute cron jobs. Make sure that the necessary cron processes are running and that Magento's cron configuration matches the server's cron setup.

  5. If you have installed any extensions that interact with products or cron jobs, temporarily disable them to see if they are causing the issue. Some extensions might have their own cron tasks that could be interfering with the product visibility.

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Re: Products disappear from the Category list view.

There are a few things I would check to troubleshoot products disappearing from category list views:

  • Review your product inventory settings - products set to "out of stock" may be automatically hidden in category views. Confirm they are set to the proper stock availability.
  •  Check your catalog visibility settings - products need to have catalog visibility set to "Catalog, Search" to appear in categories. Make sure they are not hidden from search or catalog.
  • Reindex all invalid indexes - issues like this are often due to indexer corruption. Log in to the admin, go to System > Index Management and reindex any invalid indexes.
  • Clear cache and recompile - invalidate the cache and recompile Magento to clear out any bad cached data that may be causing products to disappear.
  • Check for third party module conflicts - outdated or incompatible third party extensions can sometimes cause display issues like this. Try disabling unneeded extensions as a test.
  • Review server logs for errors - logs may reveal a deeper issue preventing proper product display. Look for any AJAX or indexer errors.
  • As a temporary fix, resaving products brings them back - so likely related to caching/indexing.

The problem will persists after trying these troubleshooting tips. You can dig deeper into potential module conflicts or programming bugs causing the inconsistent display.