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REST API products gets items from another scope

REST API products gets items from another scope


I am integrating an external software with Magento 2 using REST API. I am trying to get a list of products per store so I'm calling:


as a result I get a list of all products that have storeview fields (like Name) personalised if they have different value provided. That's great - I can just change storeview code in the URL and it works.


However, the list contains products that are visible for example on the second website only which should not happen as it has different website as scope (ref.


The list of all would be fine if we had a list of website_ids added to product item so we could filter them out. As far as I recall it was the case with Magento 1.x API - I had list of websites that product was visible in.



I see an issue on github related to that but it died (tried to bump it, no reaction):


Does anyone know if that is intentional or just overlooking?