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Re : Forgot Password Rest API

Re : Forgot Password Rest API

Hi there,


If i execute the Forgot Password API using this,


URL : http://Domain Name/index.php/rest/V1/customers/password

Method : PUT


email :

template : dinesh

When I have one error from server,(i.e.,)

"message": "Invalid value of "%value" provided for the %field Name field."
"value": "Dinesh"
"field Name": "email type"
I don't know which value is passed to template parameter.So, Please guide me how to get it successfully.
Note: I was seeing the AccountMangement Interface file it contained template parameter is "STRING" data type.So, i use the string. But I don't until get a correct answer.
I hope you kindly let me know your answer.
M.Dinesh Babu.

Re: Re : Forgot Password Rest API



Have you solved this issue ? this api is works if pass customer token in header and customer token comes from api which have required parameter : email & password  , then how can we use as a forgot password api .?!! because we can't get customer token when use forgot password . 


please reply if any other way for forgot password in rest api that can run without token and send mail.


=> I have tried with following details .

API : Domain name/index.php/rest/V1/customers/password

Header :

Authorization:Bearer [customer token]

Parameter :

  "email": "",
  "template": "email_reset",
  "websiteId": 1

Response :

true [if mail send successfully , o.w error message]