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Registration Confirmation Link expires

Registration Confirmation Link expires

Here's the scenario:

1. If I use the link within the day, I am able to create an account and see the order in Order History.

2. If I use the link after 24 hours, I'm still able to create an account but the order is not available in Order History.


Where can I find the setting to adjust the Registration Confirmation Link that you receive upon checkout?


Also, why is it that if I use the link within the day I am able to see the Order History regardless of the order state. But once 24 hours passed then use the link at that time, I cannot see the order in Order History.


I am using Magento version 2.4.2-p2


Re: Registration Confirmation Link expires

The setting to adjust the expiration time for the Registration Confirmation Link in Magento 2.4.2-p2 can be found in the Admin panel by going to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration. In this section, you can find the field "Email Confirmation Link Expiration Period (days)" where you can set the number of days that the link will remain valid.

Regarding the behavior of Order History, it is possible that the system is designed to only display orders that are within a certain timeframe, such as the last 24 hours. Once the link expires, the order may still exist in the system but it is no longer displayed in Order History. This is likely a default setting in Magento, but it is possible to customize this behavior through code modifications.