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Remove Shipping Address from Checkout page

Remove Shipping Address from Checkout page

Hi, in Magento 2, when you check out, it asks for your shipping address. I would like to remove that, as I only have one shipping method, and it is Store Pickup, thus, there would be no need to fill out a shipping address.

How would I go about accomplishing that? Please advise.

Thank you.


Re: Remove Shipping Address from Checkout page

@jingxin, By default Magento 2 native with no functionality available for Store Pickup.


You can purchase any paid extension for Store Pickup and install those extension in your store.


After Install extension in your store you can disable all other shipping method from Stores -> configuration.


Active Store Pickup Shipping Method so only store pickup method is display in shipping method in checkout page.


I haven't display your image which you have uploded, please show its in other link.



You can just hide your shipping method block using css,


.checkout-shipping-method .step-title{display:none}


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Re: Remove Shipping Address from Checkout page

Hi, I have installed Store Pickup extension by Magedelight and have disabled all other shipping methods accordingly. Please find below an image i took as an example.shipping.PNG

So i would like to remove the entirety of Shipping Address ,as it has no use. Please advice.

Thank you.

 The link for the image is here.

Re: Remove Shipping Address from Checkout page





comment below code

 <item name="shipping-step" xsi:type="array">

using that you can remove, but more complex start after that, becuase magento will validate field when you click on continue button.


Hope it will help you.