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Rendering Menu

Rendering Menu



We are new to Magento and have inherited an existing site.

Everything so far has been great but when we started to create the new menu structure the sub-menu items are displaying horizontally.

We have been looking in the renderer.phtml file and see this code 


if (!empty($_hasChildren)) {
$html .= '<ul class="level'. $childLevel .'">';
$html .= '<li class="level'. $nextChildLevel .' view-all">';
$html .= '<a class="level'. $nextChildLevel .'" href="'. $child->getUrl() .'">';
$html .= $this->__('View All') . ' ' . $this->escapeHtml($this->__($child->getName()));
$html .= '</a>';
$html .= '</li>';
$html .= $this->render($child, $childrenWrapClass); <<<<<
$html .= '</ul>';


And it looks like the line <<<<<  creates the sub-menu items.

How would we make it so the sub-menu items go down the page rather than across ?


As we are new to Magento any help would really be appreciated.