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Seamless login for multiple stores

Seamless login for multiple stores



I have a specific problem to solve, and I'm not sure what is the best approach.

There will be a website with 2 stores that will be on different domains.


Magento supports the following functionalities out of the box:


1. Customers
Has two options for sharing customer accounts:
• Global - Shares customer account information with every website and store in the Magento installation.
• Per Website - Limits customer account information to the website where the account was created.

2. Cart/Wishlist sharing
This is tested and both sharing of wishlist and cart work properly. Our test case was one Magento website, that has 2 stores under it. Both of those stores are on different urls (domains) - and

3. Login
The one thing that does NOT work out of the box is seamless transition from one website/store to another. There magento requires customer to re-enter their login credentials.



Is there a way to make same customer logged-in in both websites without requiring them to re-enter their credentials? Or to rephrase it - when customer is logged in to one store (, when he goes to second store ( to make it work without requiring him to re-login again.


There have been some solutions in the past for Magento 1 but most of them were not quite elegant.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Seamless login for multiple stores

Hi @anatolij_p,

I would like to say that is possible with Magento out-of-the-box (at least, in theory).

Today I'm dealing with sopme strange behaviors on a multi-website + multi-subdomain configuration so I can't be sure if the theory is right, there is a bug or I need to take some vacation time. :-)

Now, being a little bit more serious, you should be able to to it without starnge solutions.


Can you share which part you weren't able to solve?

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Re: Seamless login for multiple stores

I can login to both

But for example when you go do something in and when you want to go to (open some random link) you are not logged in. You still need to re-enter the password.