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Selectable ingredients

Selectable ingredients

What is the best way to achieve the following?


I need to be able to add ingredients to food products.

These ingredients need to be selectable when adding (or editing) products to (or in) the shop (I shouldn't have to type in Aspartame for every product that has Aspartame in it for example).

Products need to be filtered based on which ingredients the product DOES NOT contain (for allergies and such).

The ingredients need to be listed on the product page.


I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to do this, but all I come up with leads to a LOT of custom work in the Magento 2 code, which is actually something I would like to minimize as much as possible.


So to make it as clear as I can:

A product has one or several ingredients which the site owner can select from and if needed add to the database.

The shop customer can select ingredient(s) they don't like/want and filter out products with that ingredient.


I've tried doing something with attributes, but that only lets me add "ingredients" manually and I am not able to select the ingredient again for another product... this is not ideal when we're talking a webshop which is set to have 10K products on it.


Thanks in advance,