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Set product available "on order"

Set product available "on order"



Is it possible to have a product which you don't keep stock of that product, since basically, you stock the product if the client order it.


previously in my website I had three options (In Stock, Out of Stock & On Order). now that I am moving to magento, I'd like to know if I can keep this option. Since in the Stock Status of the product I can only choose In Stock or Out Of Stock.


any ideas?


Re: Set product available "on order"

You can try and enable backorders its under qty field ("advanced inventory") with that you can basically sell out of stock items.

Re: Set product available "on order"

it's not exactly the same thing... since out of stock, I don't have them and I am waiting for stock to arrive or I will disable them since they are no longer available.


But on order, are products which are available, but I don't stock them, so one need to order them for me to supply them.


I don't know if I am clear?