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Shipping Tax calculation wrong?


Shipping Tax calculation wrong?



I put all products excl tax in the store. For the frontend I enabled to display with and without tax.
Tax calculation should be for the total sum and not for each product itself.

When you calculate the screensho with 20% taxt:

product 1: 1090 excl
product 2: 690 excl
shipping: 8 excl


Total excl: 1788 OK

Total incl.: 2144 WRONG (because 1788 x 1.2 = 2145,60)

it seems he take the 8 Euro shipping cost, as incl tax:

690+1090+(8/1.2)=1786.66666667 x 1.2 = 2144 Euro




Re: Shipping Tax calculation wrong?

Sorry, I forgot to set:

Tax Class for Shipping: Taxable Goods


Because it unter "Vertex Tax Classes" and I don´t use Vertex .. so I don´t look in this section.


Now he calculate correct!