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Sort reports by day and by month

Sort reports by day and by month

I'm just looking for a ticket report extension for Magento 2 that allows me to range the reports by day and by month. Which is the best one you would recommend?


Re: Sort reports by day and by month

The best solution for you is definitely Magento 2 Advanced Report from Magesolution! Let me tell you why this extension should be not only the best but also the most perfect one in aspects of Features, Price and Support.

9+ Report Types to explore sales over a period of time, break it down by category and product.
Comprehensive Sale Overview
Report drill down to explore data fast and easily
Advanced Report to trace your sales performance in a real-time mode
Visual graphs ( bar, pie, line..) to illustrate trends
Option to filter data for different dates and days
Provides with Google Analytics-like visualized sales data metrics and charts
Clear Backend Interface
Extraordinary Useful Magento 2 Reports
Multiple skins
Customize chart display
Equipped with a profit-calculating formula

For M1: