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Stock Adjustments in Magento2


Stock Adjustments in Magento2

My warehouse staff don't have access to ERP which is integrated with Magento2 via APIs.

They would like to adjust stock in Admin Console and then these changes to propagate back to the ERP so both systems are in sync.

Is there an Inventory plug-in, so all its SOH changes can be retrieved via APIs?



Re: Stock Adjustments in Magento2

Hello @agon04


Every ERP wise different integration need, because fields are different.


So basically you need to create a bridge between them.





Re: Stock Adjustments in Magento2

I've actually got the "bridge" for SOH from ERP to Magento.

I would like to build one in reverse - i.e. retrieve incremental SOH changes from Magento back into ERP.

I found the following extension that tracks these changes but it does not appear to have API access - hence my original question.





Re: Stock Adjustments in Magento2

Just followed the link I've posted and can now see this note "New update! Track product quantity changed by REST API" - looks like it should solve my problem.