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Tax calculation not correct

Tax calculation not correct

I'm totaly stuck on the tax calculation (-bug?).

In Magento my Products are excluded taxes and the calculation is based on the total. So included taxes my Product has a price , let's say 15. My taxrate is 19%

So excluding taxes I have 15 / 1,19 = 12.6050. Since Magento is rounding these prices I added a price (excl Tax) of 12.61 to the Product. When calculating the taxes this results in 15.01 because of the rounding thing. When using 12.60 I still have the issue because the result is 14,99.

From what I can the the priceCurrency method already performs a round($price, 4) which should work. As far I figured out this was an issue in Magento 1.x.

How can I get 15€ including Tax, with a taxrate of 19%?

Same goes for a price like 45€. and it gets even more frustrating when a product is bought in a greater quantity

Changing the precision as suggested for Magento 1 in priceCurrency does not do the trick