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Theming Help & Errors

Theming Help & Errors

I've been struggling with editing the Luma theme.


Here is what I need to do, any leads would be greatly appreciated as I'm not finding much help just Googling.


1. Add another navigation on the right side of navigation bar

2. Change navigation bar color (what .less file do I edit?

3. Change various other colors such as buttons, links, etc.



Also, I copied the Luma theme to /tooltime and on deploying I get the following error:


Unable to load theme by specified key: 'Magento/tooltime'


Re: Theming Help & Errors

You should not edit a standard *.less file.

Just add your own *.less file and overweight (make more prioritized) a standard CSS rule with your own.

Re: Theming Help & Errors

If I edit:






Does it override:






(<Vendor>/<Theme> uses the Magento/blank theme as its parent)