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Tool to map categories

Tool to map categories



Im trying to import productpricelists from a few different distributors into my shop, but am having problems with getting the categories mapped in any simple way.

I have created a product tree in my shop with the categories I want, but my categories do not match the names in the file im trying to import.


so i started doing a script to prepare the file for import with sed 's/HP INC./HP/g'  to have all supplier fields looking the same and awk -F';' 'x$7'  removing products without category and then renaming categories sed 's/Supplies/Förbrukning/g',, still working trough my first supplier I realise this will be a very high maintenance thing, if anything changes and also the amount of scripting to add new suppliers and the lists to be "compatible for import", I do have the store manager from emagicone, wich solves a lot with different pricelists being formatted differently , but the categories do not seem to map to the way they look in the store.


So i think im looking for something that can make a template out of a pricelist like point to a field and say this is a category, and the list all the different categories in that file and allow me to translate/map them to match my categories.