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Tracking Extension for Magento 2

Tracking Extension for Magento 2

Does anyone have recommendations for an Order Tracking extension for Magento 2? Something simple, with a couple of form fields (email and order number) to complete, and then if it's valid and a match in our order database, we'd present them with their order status. We're currently getting inundated with "Where's my order" inquiries from customers, so we'd like to provide them with a self-service option.


Re: Tracking Extension for Magento 2


If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance customer’s satisfaction and maintain their loyalty with your online store, Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension might be a brilliant option that you should consider adopting for your store.


With our Magento 2 Order Status Tracking by Landofcoder, you can let your customers track their order status right after they complete their payment for their purchase. Customers can do the tracking with just the order ID and their email address without any need to log in.