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Translation - Declension of nouns

Translation - Declension of nouns


So  I have a bit of a problem with translation.

In english there is 1 - item and 2+ - items. But in My language we have

1 - Izdelek

2 - Izdelka

3 and 4  - Izdelki

5+ - Izdelkov

So in mine sl_SI.csv file which I got from free translation module I've got translations 

"My Cart (1 item)","Moja košarica (1 izdelek)",module,Magento_Checkout
"My Cart (%1 items)","Moja košarica (%1 izdelkov)",module,Magento_Checkout


So that men that for 2,3,4 items translation is wrong. Can anyone help me with this problem? What do I need to add in translation.csv file so I can have separate  translations for 2,3 and 4?


I've also used inline translation to try to fix some issues in checkout process but that seems to broken few translation from .csv file. Should I delete all inline translations so that that whatever I need to add will work?


Thank you for any help!

Best Regards,