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Trusting your website developper with his view on Magento

Trusting your website developper with his view on Magento

Hi Magento community,


I work for a small company and we're currently looking to build & launch our website.

Based on recommandations, we choose to go with Magento 2.X to do so.


The external developper that usually works with us on such topics (and would create the website) has some doubts concerning Magento capacities.


(Note : We do not force Magento 2.X on him, he recommanded it too)


We really wish to fully trust our developper (service provider) for the rest of the project, but we know too little about Magento & his suggestions raised the quotation price by quite a lot.


Could you tell us if his claims are right or not for you ?


1) Our stock ERP software (based in SQL) feeds magento information about our stock & prices. We wish that Magento sends back the stock sales & orders made online directly into our ERP stock. We also wish that it creates directly the orders in our ERP too. Note that our ERP provider has an API to link informations transfer to Magento.

The claim is : A python program needs to be developped to link it perfectly and allows Magento to write into our ERP. Is it true ?


2)  We wish to have a section of the website where you answer quick questions by ticking boxes. At the end, the answers leads you to a personnalised quotation (of our products) that fits your needs. We provide the "tree of probability" : both the resulting products & the questions.

The claim is : It can't be done on Magento, it needs a Python custom program to be added. Is it true ?



I thank you a lot if you could give your advice on the matter. We wish to trust that developper, but we need to be sure due to the quotation price.

Sadly we know so little about Magento, I hope you could help us with your knowledge.


Have a good day.



Re: Trusting your website developper with his view on Magento

Hi, neither 1st nor 2nd requirement actually requires Python specifically. It does require some custom coding, but Magento 2 is php based software and it would probably make much more sense to have it done in php.


If your developer has no experience with Magento 2, it is very unlikely they will be able to properly estimate the effort needed and provide an accurate quote. Magento 2 is a very powerful but also a very complex system with a very steep learning curve. 


If you need help from people with over 15 years of experience in Magento, don't hesitate to contact us.

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