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Update a product using REST API

Update a product using REST API

I posted this in the technical issues forum, but I realize it might be more appropriate here.


I'm confused about how to update a product using the Magento 2 REST API.

I'm using the documentation found here:
and in the catalogProductRepositoryV1 section there are 2 endpoints about creating products:

POST /V1/products with the note "Create product"
PUT /V1/products/{sku} with the note "Create product"

I thought this was a typo, and that the PUT endpoint was really for updating existing products, but when I use it with an existing SKU I get an error, it really is just for creating new products.

So it seems like there are 2 endpoints for creating products but no endpoints to modify them. Am I missing something, or is there no way to update products using the REST API? Could there be a bug in the PUT /V1/products/{sku} endpoint?