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Usage of viewModel in Blocks


Usage of viewModel in Blocks


I was pointed to a comment in the new Magento 2.2 source that explains how to use an XML layout statement inserting the generic Magento Block-class Magento\Backend\Block\Template into the layout and using its arguments to inject your own "View Model" into that generic block as follows:


<argument name="viewModel" xsi:type="object">My\Module\ViewModel\Custom</argument>


I can see the benefit of that: You don't need to extend the parent-class and instead can inject all of your dependencies in a clean My\Module\ViewModel\Custom class. It is almost as if it is introduced as a new feature, while actually, it is not - it's possible with any Magento 2 version.


The comment does not say how the View Model should be used. From basic M2 knowledge, I can deduct that the variable viewModel is added to the blocks $data array and therefore is able to be called from within the PHTML template using a call like $viewModel = $block->getViewModel().


Or alternatively, I could add $this->assign('viewModel', $this->getData('viewModel')); somewhere in a Block class anyway and use that variable in my PHTML template like $viewModel. I even could add a Plugin (interceptor) to do this automatically.


My question is: What would be the general advice here? Is viewModel really a suggested name, or could it be anything? Of course, it can. But it might be a good idea to introduce a new pattern called ViewModels and labeling them in the same way. Is there any vision that we should consider?


Re: Usage of viewModel in Blocks

1. Suggested name for case when you have a single view model in your block is $viewModel

2. Because there might be multiple view models used (for better separation of concerns), the name is not enforced.

3. The good practice is to have a "ViewModel" namespace in your module folder. That is also not enforced. 

4. The easiest use of the view model in template is 


Re: Usage of viewModel in Blocks

Thanks, Anton. So we call it ViewModels. Smiley Happy I've been explaining this to my first students already and they are delighted.

Re: Usage of viewModel in Blocks

What if we want to add our custom viewModel to a core block and therefore be able to use in core phtml replaced by a custom phtml?


<page xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">
        <referenceBlock name="name.of.the.core.block" template="Vendor_ModuleName::path/to/template.phtml">
                <argument name="viewModel" xsi:type="object">Vendor\ModuleName\ViewModel\Class</argument>