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Using Soap V2 with Magento 2


Using Soap V2 with Magento 2



My company created an integration between a popular Point of Sale Software and Magento 1.9. Our application relies heavily on Soap V2. I've been trying to determine the necessary steps to create compatibility with Magento 2.0.


What I haven't been able to locate is any documentation regarding Soap v2 in Magento 2.0. So far, I have only found this Soap documentation:


I looked at the Soap calls listed in that link, and they did not have the calls we are using. 


Does anybody know if Soap v2 is still supported in Magento 2? Can anybody provide a link to any documentation that may be available?

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Re: Using Soap V2 with Magento 2

"1" and "2" are just versions of Magento 1.x SOAP API, not versions of the SOAP protocol itself.

Magento 2 uses "V1" in SOAP API name because Magento 2 is just released.

Re: Using Soap V2 with Magento 2

So, just to be clear, we will not be able to use the old V2 Soap calls?