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Where to add Mailchimp Subscriber Popup code in Magento?

Where to add Mailchimp Subscriber Popup code in Magento?

I am trying to add the Mailchimp subscriber popup to my homepage, but cannot figure out where to place the code. 


The problem I am having with this code is that anywhere I place it, it will not display in the frontend. I have tried adding the code to template/page/html/head.phtml, tried adding it directly to the content section of the homepage cms page, tried adding the code in the page layout section for the homepage cms page using a xml reference block i found in another post, and i have tried to add the code under system/configuration/general/design/HTML Head in Miscellaneous Scripts.


However, I have not had any success at all. It is my understanding that the popup should be displayed after refreshing the homepage. If i use developer tools in google chrome, i can see the above code in the head section, but it is not doing anything.

I am using magento version


I would like to avoid installing extension for handling this.