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Why programing a System in a System

Why programing a System in a System

Hi, im programer from Stratigenas Services. My Question is, why Magento needs a System in PHP / MySql? PHP and MySql is already a good System, why make it different? I dont know how to make a Plugin because its to difficult for me. In Wordpress i maked one simple Plugin with one PHP-File. But in Magento its to hard to make it and also the API. Why you have not a Product-Table like Product-Number, Product-Description? And a Table for Product-Enumerations? So i can directly read from the Database. Now this is impossible. I Love the Simple way. Let us discuss...


Re: Why programing a System in a System


Magento is MVC framework, Most robust and flexible platform from php and made from Zend Php framework.


In Magento architecture is based on EAV concept. so each entity like product,customer,order have multiple table for store its data in databse table. 


So product table with many table are related to store data.


You can check more reference from magento blog,

EAV structure of Magento


You can also refer API tutorials for magento from net.

You get many tutorials in net for create an extension for magento.


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Re: Why programing a System in a System

Regarding plugins, in M2 there are plugins and events. Plugins are controlled by the di.xml file and are intended to allow experts to get an and adjust behavior. Events are more "well known" places to be notified when particular things occur (like saving a product). We don't do a good job of documenting events however, so today it is more discovering them in the code. (Yes, its on the todo list.)


Regarding APIs, there are "service contracts" for accessing tables. Have a look at the Api/*RepositoryInterface PHP interfaces in all the various modules. This provides access to "product", "quote" etc. tables. There is also the "persistence layer" work to create this higher level API so you can talk about "products" and "quotes", not individual tables. Some work was done in previous releases, but its not ready for mainline use. 2.3 we plan to do more. There is a blog post discussion this in the DevBlog at