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Widget and components created for a PDP page

Widget and components created for a PDP page

I have created a widget which is intended to be used to add information as a best seller, this is a category with this name, which has subcategories and products added to these. To display the data I need it to be displayed exactly as it does in my PDP, is it possible to use the existing elements to display data in my PDP but add them to my new widget? any advice for this please?


Re: Widget and components created for a PDP page

it's definitely possible to reuse existing elements from your Product Detail Page (PDP) to display data in your new widget. Here are some steps you can take.

  • Identify reusable elements
  • Modularize the code
  • Create a data-fetching mechanism
  • Implement the widget
  • Testing and refinement

reusing existing elements and components from your PDP, you can save time and maintain consistency across your website. Just ensure that the components are flexible enough to be used in different contexts and that the data-fetching mechanism is robust and efficient.